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Join Our Graduate Campaign

With the jobs circuit now inundated with the latest round of Graduands, Charles McKenzie Associates has launched a dedicated Graduate recruitment campaign to promote live opportunities available in the financial sector, as Adam Michaelson explains. Read More

Let Your CV Do The Talking

Working in the corporate banking sector is exciting, but in today’s especially tough climate, making yourself seen, heard and selected is no easy task!
Getting your CV right first time is a difficult challenge for many. A CV that’s too generic will be rejected because the financial sector will want specific details on revenue history and client experience.

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Shift in Financial Services and Recruitment

Latest analysis from Robert Half Financial Services has discovered a significant shift in how financial service companies are recruiting for accountancy roles.
The research found the shift was caused by growth in demand for accounting skills in the financial services sector, coupled with the current skills shortage. And  97 per cent of financial service executives face the challenge when sourcing skilled professionals.

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The rapidly evolving world of social media is one we all struggle to stay up to date!

Whilst we all may know what to do to check updates with our friends and colleagues (and what not to do!) using platforms to seek a new job remains an elusive art. Read More

You’d be forgiven for not being sure about the status of the economic recovery at this present time.

On the one hand there are numerous doom and gloom stories on the number of job roles versus the number of applications, whereas on the other reports from organisations such as CBI suggest Britain’s financial sector is seeing its fastest growth since 1996, prior to the recession.

So what is really happening?  There is no question that job opportunities are not as high in number as 2007, but the change is in the positioning of the job roles available and those that are the most successful are the ones that understand this culture shift. Read More