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Meet The Team – Kelly Reynolds

In the second in our ‘Meet The Team’ series, we introduce Kelly Reynolds, and find out about her experience, highs, lows and pure passion for working with candidates and clients.

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Jump On Board With The New Market Confidence

As signs continue to show a return to market confidence, new research reveals that UK recruitment agencies are performing significantly better than a year ago.

The new study by Deloitte and APSCo entitled ‘the UK Recruitment Index 2015*’ investigates a range of financial and performance metrics, and is based on research taken from among 200 firms across a range of specialisations. Read More

Graduates Must Step Up To Job Security

With more people applying to university than ever before, a good degree can no longer guarantee graduates a well-paid, interesting career.

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How The Recession Changed Recruitment

The UK is out of recession. Are we safe from return? Certainly from a recruitment perspective, the answer is clear. There is a definite positivity in the air as clients seek candidates for new roles and job openings across the capital.

Before we all jump for joy, the recession has changed our playing field. After all, it did allow companies to shrink their staff size and whilst they realized they have survived and recruiting now, expectations have changed and become more focused to fill new positions with the ‘perfect’ candidate.

It’s up to us to learn the new rules to ensure we can all enjoy the positive momentum. Read More

Meet The Team: Introducing Adam Michaelson

In the first in a new series of ‘meet the team’, we introduce you to our friendly team at Charles McKenzie Associate’s headquarters.   Each month we’ll ask different members of staff the same questions to find out a little bit more about who we really are and what we’re about.

We start with Adam Michelson, Team Manager. Read More

Where Are You In Your Career?

From time to time we all evaluate our career, but for some of us, it’s more serious. If you’re at the point of re-evaluating your choice completely, the idea of starting again and trying something new can be frightening.

To help you choose your direction and show you’re not alone, here are our tips for managing a career crossroads.

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7 Essential Tips to Help Graduates With Their Job Search

It’s been two months since you walked across the stage with your degree. Ever since, you’ve been scouring the want ads and sent out your CV to seemingly hundreds of places, but no one is calling you back.

Frustration is setting in. The pressure of landing that ‘job’ and even the fear of remaining unemployed is building up your stress levels.

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How To Make Your CV Really Work For You

The Sunday Times this week reported that the headmistress of the best performing school in Britain over recent years has warned the brightest school girls will in future choose to go straight into a job at the age of 18 rather than go to University.

This reflects the idea that a degree is considered by some as a ‘waste of time’ and with the significant financial implications of going to university, it is likely that many more will also be considering faster routes to the top, avoiding higher education altogether.

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How to Cope with the Interview Process

So your CV has got you through to interview stage. Remember at this point, your potential employee has probably not only looked through you CV but also checked you out on social media, so will have some idea of your style.

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Companies Struggle to Find Finance Staff to Grow

Latest research has shown that British finance firms are entering the second half of the year buoyant on market conditions and looking to hire, yet struggling to find the right staff.

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