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Why now is a great time to consider temporary recruitment

Temporary employment is often associated with entry-level workers or college students looking for seasonal work. Here, we show why this definitely isn’t the case, especially when it comes to financial recruitment. Read More

Finding the one for your business

Skilled and experienced candidates can make the difference to helping businesses build teams and prepare for growth, so it’s natural that finding the ‘right one’ is critical to find to take the organisation forward.

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How does cybercrime affect finance?

Cybercrime was definitely the topic of conversation when it came to security in 2015. Not only was it first featured in the crime statistics with worrying results, but also the festive season highlighted the UK’s vulnerability to online criminals.

And as cybercrime continues to evolve and becomes more sophisticated in the years to come, the threat to business is now greater than ever. Read More

Continued growth for specialist recruitment in 2016

With the end of January now upon us and the multitude of predictions now published, 2016 is already shaping up to bring confidence into the financial recruitment market.

The latest Jobs Outlook Survey issued by the Recruitment Employment Confederation, reveals that for the third consecutive month, 99% of businesses intend to maintain or increase their use of contract and temp workers over the next three months.

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How to keep your workforce motivated

It’s pitch black outside; freezing cold and the alarm is going off, signaling the end of the festive break, and the return to work. It’s enough to strike terror into even the most enthusiastic employee!

At this time of year, one of the greatest challenges for any business leader is how to motivate the workforce, quickly and efficiently to start the year as you mean to go on. Read More

Why December is a great month for recruiting

Whilst December is well known for the month of Christmas parties and wind downs, for the recruitment world, it can present a valuable opportunity for agencies to maintain their drive.

Here’s our five top tips on making the most of December, so you are all fired up for the New Year. Read More

The gift that can make a difference

We all struggle to find the perfect gift for friends and family at the best of times. But what about to the person who you know is thinking of changing their career, or is currently out of work and job searching.

Getting the balance between being helpful without seeming patronising and also not seeming boring or avoiding the subject altogether can be a challenge.

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Is finding a job your new year’s resolution?

As the final month of the year comes in and party season is truly upon us, both hiring managers’ and potentially job seekers’ attention may stray from the hiring process.

But whilst you might be tempted to press ‘pause’, now is the perfect time to assess how you’re doing, and look to make your new year’s resolution to find your perfect job come true. Read More

The Value of Christmas Jobs

With less than a month to go, retailers are still looking to fill seasonal positions to help with the increased traffic through December and the January sales.

Whilst it may not be a permanent career choice, a Christmas job can help you to gain new skills, valuable experience and confidence, that will set you up for better job applications in the year to come. Read More

Using LinkedIn as a job search tool

It’s fair to say that social media has changed the job seeking marketplace forever, and one particular platform, LinkedIn, has made its mark as the recruitment tool of choice.

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