Why now is a great time to consider temporary recruitment

Why now is a great time to consider temporary recruitment

Temporary employment is often associated with entry-level workers or college students looking for seasonal work. Here, we show why this definitely isn’t the case, especially when it comes to financial recruitment.

In today’s workforce, the reality is that companies often call upon more experienced temporary professionals when they urgently need an extra member of the team – in financial this may be at year end – for a time-intensive, short or long term assignment.

At the same time firms may hire accounting professionals when a project requires specialised skills that currently are not available in-house.

So if you are available and on the hunt for your next position, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of temporary employment

1. Flexible Working
Thinking about temporary employment as an opportunity to be a ‘project professional’ means that you can create more of a work/life balance, taking a career break when or, as you need. This can enable you to spend more time with your family, travel, pursue academic achievement or carry out volunteer work. And you can do this safe in the knowledge that a recruitment company is available to offer work to fit with your schedule. Getting this balance right is proven to lead to higher job satisfaction and less stress overall.

2. With variety being the spice of life…
Temporary positions provide the unique opportunity for you to work on a variety of assignments, with different types of projects, allowing you to hone many different skills and develop the kind of experience that increases your marketability with employers. It may even help you decide what are you enjoy the most to specialise at a later date.

An additional benefit here is if you’re in a position you don’t like, it’s just as easy to contact your recruitment agent and make a move without getting stuck in a rut.

3. Expand your networks
In a similar vein to the variety of opportunity, temporary roles in finance and accounting can also help you to expand your networks. When you take on a series of project assignments with different firms, you will naturally meet new people and add colleagues, office managers and other professionals to your circle.

By nurturing these relationships, you’ll be able to expand your expertise in various areas and even receive job referrals when the time is right. And don’t forget to expect your LinkedIn profile too and ask for recommendations of your work along the way.

4. Adopt the best soft skills
Increasingly important in today’s workplace is the master of soft skills, as a key ability to communicate and work as a team. Possibly one of the biggest advantages of temporary recruitment is the ability to observe different styles of management, office organisation and team operation. And you should make it a priority to take the best from each company and adopt as your own.

5. Learn New Ways
Temporary employment provides a great way to get a feel for a new community – if you’ve recently qualified or even moved to a new area. It allows you to experience the new hiring trends, local recruitment companies and job styles available. Once you’ve had chance to adjust with temporary roles, you’ll be much better placed to a secure a new job that fits your requirements.

Whatever your position, temporary recruitment opportunities provide a valuable way of developing new skills, gaining experience in ways unlikely to be encountered with a permanent position and meet new people. And it’s the ultimate way to achieve the much-desired work/life balance.

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