Why December is a great month for recruiting

Why December is a great month for recruiting

Whilst December is well known for the month of Christmas parties and wind downs, for the recruitment world, it can present a valuable opportunity for agencies to maintain their drive.

Here’s our five top tips on making the most of December, so you are all fired up for the New Year.

Take Advantage of Less Competition
Whilst many will be going from party to party and perhaps having less of a focus in December, agencies that maintain their focus, and pick the deals that can materialize, including plenty of seasonal opportunities will certainly overtake rivals still rubbing their sore heads.

Quieter competition will mean more visibility on job boards; less busy schedules to actually reach decision makers and providing you know everybody’s availability, a quicker conclusion with a very notable deadline in place.

Jobs Are Still Being Searched
When economic conditions are far from settled, over the Christmas season especially, more people will undoubtedly feel the pressure to provide what they can no longer afford.

The savvy recruiter will use December to create a targeted call to seize those job searching, as it provides the window to talk and the perfect time to provide a tempting special offer.

Analyse Your Marketing
If you do find yourself in a quieter month, think about how you market your agency. In today’s world of content marketing and the integral importance of mobile searches, is your website optimised? How is your SEO rankings? Are you taking advantage of social media?

Simple measures like starting a blog, or starting a twitter handle or LinkedIn profile can make all the difference for the future of your agency in a digital and mobile world, that is only going to increase in significance in the year to come.

Be Productive
Whilst the phone maybe quieter in the month of December, it’s really important to use the time to contact existing recruits on your books and make sure they are still motivated, up to date with training, CVs refreshed and ready to go for 2016 right from the word go!

Be Reflective
Whilst December inevitably brings predictions for the New Year, it goes back to the old saying that “If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going.”

Know how you have performed in the year gone by and make the necessary changes to set your goals and targets for 2016 so you have a benchmark to work against.

Get Your House In Order
And if you still have a spare minute, then December is a great month to have a pure tidy – not just of the office, but also of your database and your files. Who have been your best clients of the year (we hope you’ve said thank you) and who may need some encouragement?

By using December wisely, you can prepare for the influx of new candidates in the New Year now so you’re not overwhelmed. If you could touch base with those that already know they’ll be looking for a new role and arrange a second communication in the new year, you’ll be starting on the front foot and securing a pipeline ahead of the competition, who are still in recovery mode!