Using LinkedIn as a job search tool

Using LinkedIn as a job search tool

It’s fair to say that social media has changed the job seeking marketplace forever, and one particular platform, LinkedIn, has made its mark as the recruitment tool of choice.

Recruiters are commonly searching for candidates via LinkedIn, and sometimes this is the first place where new opportunities are posted and job seekers are being connected.

It’s for this reason, if you are planning to go on a job search, in the middle of one, or even about to sign up to a new position, your LinkedIn profile should be filled in and up to date as it will be a first call for many involved to get to know you and your credentials.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips on how to ensure your LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd:

  1. Add a picture: Recruiters (like everyone) prefer to put a face to a name, so don’t forget to add a professional picture.
    2. Be creative: LinkedIn now allows you to have background pictures and also sub-headers. So instead of just writing ‘finance manager’ in a couple of words you could highlight your passion for the career.
    3. List all your most recent jobs: Recruiters will be looking to see your experience and make sure if there has been any gaps, they are accounted for.
    4. Add descriptions to your positions: Whilst it’s all very well noting where you’ve worked, it’s also important to highlight what you were doing. Not only will it provide recruiters with critical information but also, if you include keywords, it will help you be found.
    5. Add your skills & endorsements: Don’t be shy in highlighting your top skills and encouraging others to endorse you, and even send references. It all helps a recruiter to build up a picture of you being the right person for the role, and not just taking your word for it!
    6. Create a personal URL: LinkedIn will automatically generate a seemingly generic URL for your profile when you start your account.   This URL is designed so a visitor can access your profile directly without searching for you and it is also a Web address that many job seekers choose to put on their hard copy CV. Ultimately, you can change and personalise this URL so you can both simplify it and stand out.

Remember, in today’s social media led world, that has itself been revolutionized by the significant use of mobile technology, a copy of your CV on its own will not be enough to achieve your career goals. You also must ensure that your professional online profile is doing its job and presenting you in an attractive light.