Turn Your Summer into a Career Springboard

Turn Your Summer into a Career Springboard

Here’s a fact: companies don’t cut back hiring during the summer. And this is even more so this year, with confidence back in the market.

For many companies, summer is actually a better time to recruit, as there can be a focused energy on identifying the goals and requirements. And with increases in technology and video conferencing there are even ways to work around scheduling interviews for the most determined.

So, if you’re ready to make that move, don’t think you have to put it off until later in the year. Update your CV, sign in to social media and make yourself visible to your target employers.

Here’s seven reasons why the summer is a great time to job search:

1. The jobs are there.
Companies still need to hire even when everyone would rather be at the beach. If you stop searching, you could miss out on good opportunities. And you miss the chance to take advantage of the fact other job seekers are taking the summer off.

2. Contract-to-hire positions are abundant.
Many organizations will hire contract employees during the summer to fill extended vacations. But, prove yourself over the summer and these positions can turn into permanent employment. This can be particularly evident in retail as companies gear up for the lead in to Christmas (yes, we did say Christmas in June!)

3. Summer is a slower season for some industries.
Hiring managers may actually have more time to interview candidates because they’re not as busy. For example, accounting firms are busiest in the winter and early spring, so summer is a convenient time for them to build and train their staff.

4. There are unexpected networking opportunities.
Summer is a social season, so you can take advantage of golf outings, barbeques and neighborhood get-togethers to network – you never know when that job opportunity will come up!

5. Social media
Social media has been the biggest culture change for the recruitment industry and it certainly doesn’t have a holiday! Keep regular check in and notifications on your mobile of relevant hashtags, then engage with influencers using them. Hiring managers will search social media for you – this makes their life easier, so make sure you’re well presented.

6. A shortened interview process is possible.
Yes, summers can stretch out the job interview process. But it can accelerate it, too. If the schedules of all involved align, a business can speed up interviews (to even just one day, if you’re particularly lucky) to avoid having to schedule multiple meetings.

7. Summer makes for easier transitions.
Summertime is typically a less hectic time to transition to a new job. You can get to know the company when fewer people are in the office and things are slower. It can also be less traumatic for your family if a move is involved, since your kids won’t have to switch schools mid-year.

So, if you’re serious about finding a new position, make the most of the summer months and don’t believe the myths of a slow down. There are jobs out there for those willing to dive in and make the commitment.