The best advice you’ve never heard

The best advice you’ve never heard

You’ve created the perfect CV and learnt everything there is to know about how to write the ‘stand-out’ cover letter and finally you’ve practiced all the questions that could possibly be thrown at you at interview stage. What could go wrong?

Actually, when it comes down to it, the journey to finding your dream career is what you make it, it’s taking the time out to explore what you really want, your attitude and even sometimes it’s the subtle impressions that will make the difference.

Here’s some issues we hear, and our responses to ensure you get the best advice to secure your next job.

1. “There aren’t any job openings right now.”
While there is no denying that the job market remains competitive, particularly in financial recruitment – there are thousands of job posted every day, especially in the Christmas Countdown. Finding them depends on your attitude and your approach.

Employers are turning to social media as a means to find talent, so make sure your settings are high if you don’t want prospective employees to track your Facebook posts. At the same time, your LinkedIn profile should be up to date, clean and clear for all to see.

2. “The more jobs I apply to, the higher the chance of gaining an interview.”
We’re always told the more we give, the more we’ll get back – so it may feel natural to apply this philosophy to your job search. However, if you’re sending the same CV and cover letter, whilst just changing the name, employers will see right through.

It’s more important to take a quality over quantity approach. Look for the most meaningful opportunities that you really want to be involved with, and that fit you personally and professionally.

By tailoring your applications to fit each specific job, you will stand a better chance of catching that employer’s eye. Especially if you’ve done your research on the company and maybe found a more creative way of gaining attention.

You’ll also find yourself more prepared if you get to interview stage as you’ve already done most of the homework!

3. “I match all the job specification requirements, therefore I am perfect for the job.”
In reality, and we hear this time and again from our clients, technical requirements account for only a certain proportion of an ‘ideal candidate.’

Today, buzzwords for the workplace include teamwork, collaboration, inclusiveness and creativity – all ‘soft skills’ that are in high demand. So in finance, just because you have the skill set, and theory doesn’t mean you’re the perfect fit.

Instead, make a note of adding your natural ability to build relationships, communicate and solve problems – add in that you’re social media savvy in terms of engagement, not just the number of followers – as these more personal traits are equally as likely to shoot you to the top of the pile and ‘most wanted.’