Social Media Search for Jobs? Which Tools do you use?

The rapidly evolving world of social media is one we all struggle to stay up to date!

Whilst we all may know what to do to check updates with our friends and colleagues (and what not to do!) using platforms to seek a new job remains an elusive art.

LinkedIn had traditionally carved a niche for itself in the job search market, as professionals look to keep their profiles updated with all their work experience and make connections that could further their careers.

Certainly LinkedIn, as the ‘professional Facebook’ has proven invaluable in seeking talented candidates for our clients, those that keep profiles updated and CVs looking impressive.

However, there’s a new player in the market, with Twitter carving its way into the job searching market, on the basis that it doesn’t require users to be so pushy, which can be LinkedIn’s downfall if not carefully managed.

And perhaps because of the fast update speed of Twitter, job leads are more valuable since fewer people see them?

So successful the transition, according to a recent survey by Forbes, 77% of the Twitter users in the U.K. said they believe the micro-blogging platform could be helpful in finding a job. Twitter has apparently heeded the results of this survey, as it is planning its first job fair in the U.K. along with the U.K. National Careers Service and The Apprentice U.K. winner.

Which social media platform do you use if you’re looking for a new job? We’d love to hear your opinion on this! Please use #cmsocial to take part in the debate.