Rise in Capital Banking Jobs

Rise in Capital Banking Jobs

A new study has revealed that the number of new jobs created in London has increased by a third in the last month alone.
As the financial heart of the UK, the study carried out by Astbury Marsden, has shown the number of job openings in the Canary Wharf and City financial districts rose to 4,070 in April from 3,030 a month earlier.

The increase is 54 percent higher than the year-earlier period and likely due to the strong financial results in the first quarter of the year by major United States and European investment banks.

Says Kelly Reynolds: “Whilst we are not out of the woods, and with the uncertainty surrounding this week’s election we are in for tentative times, the news is nevertheless welcoming and a trend we would endorse.

“The big investment banks are reporting a revival in trading volumes as clients adjust their investment strategies to reflect diverging monetary policies. At the same time, what is very interesting is the geography of job opportunities cited, which are no longer just in the traditional financial locations such as Canary Wharf, but also seeing investment bank opportunities in Mayfair.

“The report is clear is staying clear of predicting how long these higher trading volumes will last. Banks that have severely cut back their trading and investment banking teams will now be wondering whether they may want to start hiring if the recovery in revenues continues and we look forward to partnering the right candidates with our clients to maximize on this opportunity.”