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Turn Your Summer into a Career Springboard

Here’s a fact: companies don’t cut back hiring during the summer. And this is even more so this year, with confidence back in the market.

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Using Social Media in Recruitment

It’s fair to say social media marketing is essential today for any business to connect to current and potential customers. But in recruitment, it’s offering a much more innovative way to fill vacancies. Read More

Customer First Recruitment Drives Financial Services

Increased hiring in financial services in the UK is being driven by demand for improved customer service and new trends towards mobile banking and payment services.

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SMEs on Path to Growth

Charles McKenzie Associates endorses latest results that shows confidence has returned to the SME market, and all the research signs are pointing to the beginning of a new ‘boom’.

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Growing Economic Confidence Reflected in Recruitment

Charles McKenzie Associates supports latest figures to suggest that finance and accounting opportunities are showing strong growth amongst professional hiring.

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The Queen’s Speech for Business

From a recruitment perspective, our economy is cautiously looking for ways to thrive.  For this to happen, there needs to be three ingredients: trust in business; enabling business growth; and creating a UK culture where business and people can succeed.
So what has the Queen’s Speech done to help us? Adam Michaelson explores the three key factors. Read More

Keep Retail Confidence Heading in Right Direction

Growth in retail sales volumes picked up strongly in the year to May and has been reflected in the continuing drive towards financial recruitment in the sector, says Charles McKenzie Associates.

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The New Norm in Recruitment

Now that the UK economy and recruitment seems to be getting back on track, the jobs market is reassessing its approach to hiring – can we remember how to operate in an upturn?
It is clear that confidence is returning across sectors and with a majority Government, stability is easing into business. Most recently Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director said: “It’s obvious that what’s happening in the UK has worked.”

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Peak in Job Application Errors: Highest Since 2011

A new report has revealed that nearly two thirds of job applications in the first quarter of 2015 contained errors.
The research – conducted quarterly by HireRight, the candidate due diligence company – highlights the proportion of inaccurate applications is at its highest rate since 2011. Read More

Rise in Capital Banking Jobs

A new study has revealed that the number of new jobs created in London has increased by a third in the last month alone.
As the financial heart of the UK, the study carried out by Astbury Marsden, has shown the number of job openings in the Canary Wharf and City financial districts rose to 4,070 in April from 3,030 a month earlier.

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