Jump On Board With The New Market Confidence

Jump On Board With The New Market Confidence

As signs continue to show a return to market confidence, new research reveals that UK recruitment agencies are performing significantly better than a year ago.

The new study by Deloitte and APSCo entitled ‘the UK Recruitment Index 2015*’ investigates a range of financial and performance metrics, and is based on research taken from among 200 firms across a range of specialisations.

The findings reveal that the recruitment sector has shown a significant improvement in performance in 2015 with 83% of recruiters seeing their net fee income grow over the past 12 months. At the same time the number of recruitment agencies facing a decline in income has dropped by 11%.

Says Adam Michaelson, Team Manager at Charles McKenzie Associates: “The results really epitomize the positivity in the market, as there is a clear feeling of confidence whereby clients are on the look out to fill positions quickly and efficiently to free up extra resource that was stretched during the recession.

“From a candidates perspective, we are also seeing a more buoyant trend as the realization of increased competition comes into play with more exciting job openings. Candidates are upping their game, both from CV and also social media perspective to ensure they do stand out from the crowd and seize the new opportunities which we are able to open up for them.”

The report does highlight how the growth is coming with challenges, specifically with retention and further profitability. One of the main issues highlighted was recruitment firms citing difficulty growing their head count, whilst 31% have issues in the retention of talent with a significant factor being staff churning.

Adam adds: “With the new buzz in the marketplace, there is also very high expectations set amongst clients for candidates, not only to hit the ground running, but also to make a significant impact immediately. This can be overwhelming for the unprepared candidate and it’s something we work very hard to instill in everyone, right from the CV submission to encourage in the interview. A positive mental attitude and commitment to the cause has never been so valuable!”

Here are Charles McKenzie Associate’s top four tips to making the most of the current positivity in the recruitment industry:

  • Be Happy: In today’s market, it’s no longer enough to need a job for having a job’s sake, and to fill a position. Being happy at work, positive about the individual role and the opportunities to make an instant impact are crucial to whether a client will choose you.
  • Be Creative: There were already plenty of other people vying for the same position as you; and with the influx in new Graduates, this has just grown significantly! Make sure your personality and creativity comes through, right from your CV stage.
  • Don’t be afraid of going the extra mile: Whilst we are not suggesting that you have to work round the clock, be prepared to dig deep and work hard to impress and become part of the team.
  • Try New Ideas: If you think there’s a more efficient way of working to get even more done, don’t be afraid of discussing new procedures and trying new ideas. Clients will appreciate the effort rather than the shy person in the corner!

*Please follow this link for full analysis of the findings.