Is finding a job your new year’s resolution?

Is finding a job your new year’s resolution?

As the final month of the year comes in and party season is truly upon us, both hiring managers’ and potentially job seekers’ attention may stray from the hiring process.

But whilst you might be tempted to press ‘pause’, now is the perfect time to assess how you’re doing, and look to make your new year’s resolution to find your perfect job come true.

Here’s our top tips to help you along the way and make sure you can still enjoy the festive season.

1. Put together a wish list
Alongside your list for Santa, make sure you have one for jobs too. Blindly applying for jobs here, there and everywhere for the sake of it won’t help. But having a solid game plan, with target companies and a genuine interest and passion in positions will stand you out from the crowd.

Ask yourself what job you really see yourself in? Where do you want to be by the end of January or Quarter 1 2016?

2. Be realistic in time
Make sure your goals are achievable with the resources you have, including the most precious of all – your time. And be realistic; don’t set yourself objectives for Christmas Day, or Boxing Day when you’re still in recovery!

Start by outlining what you want to achieve each week, whether it’s updating your CV or looking at your cover letter, overviewing your LinkedIn profile or reaching out to a recruitment company.

And consider keeping a calendar and a spreadsheet of all the activity and the companies you wish to target and apply, making sure you leave room to follow up. And don’t forget networking events and time for interviews too (if you have any planned.)

3. Use your network
In today’s tough economic climate, there is no shame in reaching out to your professional connections to help in your job search. They may be able to inform you of job opportunities that aren’t even advertised. And many corporate companies even reward staff if they go on to hire recommended people.

What’s more, your professional connections can also serve as references when it comes time to interview. It’s a win-win.

4. Get out and about!
Networking is invaluable for business, and with plenty of organisations across the UK, utilising the opportunity to go to meetings is a great way to meet new people and look for opportunities.

And whilst we’re not recommending you gatecrash any corporate party, fundraisers, events and conferences that are open to the public are also a great chance to put your best self forward.

5. Be open to temporary work
The holiday season is the prime opportunity where retailers will be looking for extra staff to cope with the extra demands of Christmas shoppers and sales.

Whilst on the surface they may seem to waste valuable time you could be applying to permanent positions, to the prospective employee it could show that you have no gaps in employment and you’re willing to try new sectors and learn new skillsets.

Plus don’t forget that December is year end for some companies, so there will be extra financial pressures to get all the necessary documents and filing complete for the accountants.

And finally, there’s also the chance that if you really make your mark during the festive season, your efforts will be noted and a permanent position is found just for you.

What are your top tips for making getting that desired job your new year’s resolution.