Join Our Graduate Campaign

Join Our Graduate Campaign

With the jobs circuit now inundated with the latest round of Graduands, Charles McKenzie Associates has launched a dedicated Graduate recruitment campaign to promote live opportunities available in the financial sector, as Adam Michaelson explains.

Market Climate
The latest reports have delivered mixed messages for the employment market, with the High Fliers Report highlighting increased salaries and job vacancies. Likewise, university careers services are reporting increased student places.

Dr Bernard Kingston, principal author of the Complete University Guide, has recently said, “the graduate employment market has recovered more quickly from the financial crisis than might have been predicted, offering increased chances of professional-level work or further study after graduation.”

However, headlines also indicate falling retail sales in December and it would make a bold statement to suggest we are out of the recessionary woods completely! Then there is the election – which will undoubtedly bring it’s own uncertainty to the graduate job market and a new sense of labour market caution.

This together with a noted skills shortage and wages, means recruiters may be more restrained in action and only seeking candidates who really shine, in all aspects of job specification, including an understanding of culture and environment alongside core skills in finance.

Stay Positive!
Here at Charles McKenzie Associates, we don’t believe it is all doom and gloom, especially in the Capital, which continues to thrive and capture a large share of the graduate jobs market, especially in financial recruitment.

We are genuinely still receiving regular calls for high end Graduate placements, and looking out for candidates who are graduating and feeling a little overwhelmed at even knowing where to start to secure a job.

We know it can feel like a bit of a rollercoaster, and want to offer the emotional support alongside the practical advice such as how to let your CV do the talking, and make you stand out from the crowd to prospective employees.

Likewise, from a recruiter perspective, we can build on our experience of placing the right candidate for the right position, whether it is a temporary, contract or permanent position requirement.

To find out more about our Graduate campaign, follow @CMARecruit on Twitter, using hashtag #CMgraduate.