Finding the one for your business

Finding the one for your business

Skilled and experienced candidates can make the difference to helping businesses build teams and prepare for growth, so it’s natural that finding the ‘right one’ is critical to find to take the organisation forward.

Whilst this is all very well in theory, we know that finding ‘the one’ is often easier said than done. It takes significant resource, time and effort to assess every aspect of a potential recruit. And even when you think you have made your selection, you still have to ensure the candidate is happy to work with you too!

With all this in mind, we’ve put together our best approach to support you on your search for ‘the one’ that is right for your business.

Be Proactive
To recruit someone that is going to add significant value to any organisation, you have to do more than just place an advert online and wait for the right CV to appear.

In today’s social media savvy world, it’s important to stay engaged with your audience. Even directly contacting people on LinkedIn and inviting them for interview may register and showcase the perks of the job to someone who may not be proactively looking.

Of course, the issue here is that you probably don’t know your ideal employee so they won’t be in your contact lists. Whilst advertising on a jobs board may help, you stand a much greater chance of saving time and monetary efficiencies if you use recruitment agency services as well.

Recruitment consultants have in-depth knowledge of the jobs market and specific industry sectors, which they can use to an employer’s’ advantage as they plan new hires. Recruiters have access to hidden pools of talent and can discuss your vacancy with potential candidates, and assess their expectations to ensure they are aligned with yours.

If professionals are interested in the advertised role, and want to work for your organisation, you may be closer to the ideal employee. Now it’s just a case of putting finding out more about them in an interview, ensuring they are as impressive in-person and a good cultural fit for your organisation.

Attracting ‘the one’
Once you think you have found that talented professional on paper – you need to make sure the interview is best utilised to reveal a true personality and make sure they are the right match. This means asking way more than the stand interview questions, but also adding creativity and discovering flare.

And if you’re still convinced at the end of the interview, then there’s the challenge of creating a job offer they can’t resist – and often it’s not just about salary! Clear opportunities for training, promotion and growth will also go along way to attracting the one.

Further in today’s world, it’s worth noting that work/life balance is considered much more of a priority, especially for the Millennial generation (those born from the eighties to early nineties) and now Generation Z (born mid nineties) just entering the workforce.

Again a recruitment consultant, who has an understanding of your requirements, together with a greater knowledge of the candidate proposed, will be on hand to help develop the right package to ensure you can secure the one for your job position.

Make Yourself Known
In today’s competitive candidate led market, it’s important before starting any recruitment drive to have a vision of your ideal employee before launching into the process of finding the one.

Even then, it’s important to know what individual candidates are looking for, which is where the interview process will be critical. And then finally, taking into account their priorities and your own, it’s time to seal the deal, to ensure you stand out from the crowd and find the right match for their business.